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As a writer who is passionate about understanding the role of Education in promoting social change, my goal is to make people aware of the importance of discussing the issue and engaging on the debate. For years, I have been writing on topics related to social development, that range from Culture and Ethnicity to Feminism.

I found in Web Journalism a way to talk the topics that matter the most to me. In 2010, I started to blog on topics that were personally relevant to me and since then I never stopped writing. Additionally, it is through my YouTube channel that I have been causing the greatest impact. By sharing my own personal experiences, I have been able to encourage other low-income, first-generation Brazilian students to study abroad and to embrace educational opportunities.

Education has also played a major role in shaping the person I have become. Raised in a small town in Brazil and having always attended public schools, I took advantage of a variety of academic opportunities throughout my life. In 2016, I participated in the Youth Ambassadors Program, designed to teach about leadership, social development and community outreach to Latin American students. That program made me I realize that by learning and writing about Culture would also add to my understanding of Education. After that, I traveled to Cambridge, UK, and Cordoba, Argentina, to continue my pursuit of knowledge on cultures, which led me to pursue a double-major in International Studies.

"When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful."


  • DEC 15

    YouTube Channel "Augusta Saraiva"

    Some videos about studying abroad and language learning engaged more than 3,000 people and were watched in more than 20 countries. Watch now

  • SEP 17

    Opinion and Identities Editor

    North By Northwestern

    Edit and write critical pieces on topics that range from college life to international affairs to a campus audience. Read

  • SEP 17


    Medill Media Teens

    Work with public high school students from south-side Chicago to help enhance their journalistic skills.

  • JAN 18

    Research Assistant

    Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Northwestern University

    Engaged in a research project that aims to understand the relationship between Portuguese learners and native speakers from different countries.

  • JAN 18

    Communications Intern

    Office of International Relations

    Help tell Northwestern's international story while sharing my own.

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